The Best Bitcoin Wallets, From Indodax To KeepKey

Best Bitcoin Wallet – Bitcoin wallet is the best tool that works to receive and send Bitcoins. The wallet itself is available for various types of devices, including iOS and Android, Windows PC, Linux, and MacOS.

The way it works is almost similar to e-mail, i.e. wallet users need an address to be able to receive and send Bitcoins. Not only that, the system also works by interacting with ledger, ledger or blockchain.

Choose Best Bitcoin Wallet

Here are some recommended Bitcoin Wallets from Media Authority:

1. Indodax

It is a unique wallet because it can connect users with various local bank accounts, such as Mandiri, BCA, OVO, and so on.

Thus, Bitcoin users can more easily withdraw profits and buy other digital currencies.

Indodax is quite a wallet credible, because it is cryptocurrency exchange which has a license in accordance with the regulations in force in Indonesia.

No wonder, the security is really guaranteed. Not only that, Indodax also provides alternative digital currencies, such as DOGE, Ethereum, Ripple, and others.

2. Trezor

Trezor belongs to the type hardware wallet or wallet the world’s first physical form.

To use it, users can connect a hardware wallet to a tablet, smartphone, as well as PC, so you can access Bitcoin easily.

Security of one This best Bitcoin wallet is enough credible, considering Trezor will show a nine-digit PIN on the OLED screen each time the device connects to your PC.

3. Electrum

Unlike Trezor, Electrum is a Bitcoin wallet in the form of a software or software. That is, Bitcoin will be stored in a file set on your PC or laptop.

You can also use this wallet on Mac OS X, Android, Linux, and Windows.

The downside of this type of Bitcoin wallet is that when the PC you’re using crashes, there’s a chance that your Bitcoins will disappear too.

Lucky wallet software this kind you can use together with wallet hardware, for example Trezor.

This application also supports a recovery process so that users can create cold storage physically using a password that you can write down or print.

4. KeepKey

Next is the wallet hardware like Trezor who can save password, so it will be more secure and protected from the vulnerabilities of the PC you are using.

Not only that, KeepKey supports various other digital currencies, such as BTC, DASH, BCH, DOGE, LTC, ETH, and NMC.

KeepKey has various advantages, one of which is reliable security because it can protect your crypto assets from various attacks, both virtual and physical.

KeepKey also provides a version web which can be accessed together with the mobile application and desktop.

Other Best Bitcoin Wallet Options

In fact, there are many other options available. In fact, There are also Bitcoin based wallets on line which can be accessed and used directly without having to download software or using special hardware.

To find out more about which type is the best and safest, you can visit

Various in-depth information about cryptocurrency available on Media Authority and will be very useful for those of you who are new to the crypto world.

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