The Biggest Bitcoin Faucet You Must Try

Bitcoin faucet is platform which is very interesting for beginners in the world cryptocurrency. How come? Faucet Bitcoin promises free Bitcoin to its users.

There are several faucet The biggest Bitcoin you can consider getting Bitcoin for free. Faucet are available on various websites.

No need to prepare software or hardware special with a high price to mine on the site web that, because faucet can give Bitcoin gifts for free.

Then, site web what can you visit?

Some of the Biggest Bitcoin Faucet Websites

Among the many apps and sites web who provide Bitcoin for free, there are some who give a gift in the form of Bitcoin in a larger and easier amount. Here are some sites web which you can visit:

1. Crypto Addicted

Site web The first one assigns its visitors to watch various advertisements that are already available on the site web Crypto Addicted.

Just by looking at ads you can earn Bitcoins for free. The amount of Bitcoin obtained also varies.

When you log in to CryptoAddic, all your Bitcoin earnings will be accumulated in the form of a balance. When the balance reaches the withdrawal limit of 50,000 Satoshi, the balance will be automatically sent to Bitcoin wallet which you have previously registered.

Usually, the withdrawal schedule or withdrawal done on Saturday or Sunday.

You also don’t need to worry, because there is no charge to be able to use the site web this one.


Next is which is also one of the biggest Bitcoin faucet free bitcoin generator.

With this site, you can claim multiple times each day. Visitors to this site can even claim once every 5 minutes.

Not only that, visitors can visit many times every day to get Bitcoin for free.

What’s even more extraordinary, the site web This Moonbit does not set a minimum amount for withdrawing Bitcoin or withdraw Bitcoins. In other words, visitors are free to determine when and how much withdraw Bitcoins.

Whole rewards Free Bitcoins you earn on the site web this will then be sent directly and instantly to your CoinPot account.

3. Cointiply

Next up is the site web Cointiply requires only an Android device and internet access to be able to collect Bitcoins for free every day.

Various ways to get Bitcoin from this website include using the features coin roll.

If you are lucky, the Jackpot prize of 500,000 coins can be yours.

In addition, visitors can also earn extra coins by completing various tasks provided, such as watching videos, playing games games, fill in survey, view ads, and so on.

After collecting a lot of coins, visitors can do withdraw Bitcoin to Bitcoin wallet or by using Dogecoin.

4. offers its visitors free Bitcoin, but in the form of Satoshi.

This site does not hesitate to give you gifts every hour for the whole day.

The number of Satoshi that you can get varies, the lowest is 5 Satoshi and the highest reaches 1,200 Satoshi.

To be able to withdraw Satoshi, you need to collect at least 100 satoshi first.

The collected Bitcoins will be directly transferred to a Bitcoin wallet via, provided that the prize withdrawal limit has been reached or cashout, which is 100 satoshis.

Before Choosing a Bitcoin Faucet

Even though it sounds tempting, be careful in choosing faucet Biggest Bitcoins.

Find out more details about Bitcoin and how to get it safely and easily at

With enough knowledge, you can earn Bitcoins safely.

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