The Digital Dollar Airdrop | Register and Get 10 USD-D

Project The Digital Dollar is the newest cryptocurrency project and has the potential to become a project that produces stable coins like USDT, Project The Digital Dollar will produce a stable coin USD-D.

USD-D holders will be able to spend their USD-D like they would any other currency with our instant exchange system, whether you exchange via your digital payment card or using our mobile app, you can use your USD-D balance to buy almost anything in this world. (Geo Exclusion List – Pakistan, China…

As for the event to broadly introduce and develop the community, to open an airdrop event where every registration of a new member in the airdrop event will get 10 USD-D estimated for now $ 10.

The Digital Dollar Airdrop | Step by step

  • TOKEN SOLD: 26,111,307,632
  • RATED TOTAL: $26,111,308
  • USD-D PARTNERS: 1.183
  1. Just go to the link here
  2. Register using email
  3. Enter the password (numbers, letters, capitals, and special characters such as *#[email protected]&)
  4. Retype password
  5. Click register
  6. Email confirmation complete
  7. Login to the account, select the referral copy the referral link and look for as many referrals as possible, the referral system.

Tier 1 Sign Up: 10 USD-D | Purchase Commission Level 1: 75%

Tier 2 Sign Up: 5 USD-D | Purchase Commission Level 2: 45%

Tier 3 Sign Up: 2 ​​USD-D | Purchase Commission Level 3: 25%

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