The Impact of the Corona Virus, Will Bitcoin Prices Continue To Rise?

CEO of the Indodax crypto asset trading platform, Oscar Darmawan said the price of bitcoin crypto currency is predicted to continue to rise.

In fact, according to Oscar, the increase in the price of bitcoin does not only occur gradually, but also in the long term. This is the impact of the coronavirus outbreak that has triggered an increase in investment interest in crypto assets.

On Thursday (23/4/2022) afternoon, the price of bitcoin was observed to increase to Rp. 110 million. At the beginning of 2022, the price of bitcoin was around the level of Rp. 90 million.

“In addition, there is a moment of halving day this year, where the supply of bitcoin will be reduced and will increase the price of bitcoin in the long term and gradually,” Oscar said in his statement, Thursday.

Therefore, he is of the view that now is the right time to invest in bitcoin.

Because, according to him, bitcoin is an investment product that is not affected by government policies and global policies such as when the corona virus broke out.

Because the only thing that affects the price is the demand and supply itself. The offer is also very limited.

“I think this is the right time to invest in bitcoin especially since many other investment platforms are experiencing a pretty big downturn due to this Corona effect,” explained Oscar.

Oscar said, in early April 2022, the number of members of Indodax itself had reached 2 million people. According to him, this is in line with the public’s interest in crypto assets.

The achievement of 2 million members is also an annual target that has been achieved at the beginning of this year.

Oscar also hopes that Indonesian people’s understanding of bitcoin and other crypto assets can increase.

source: compass

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