The Importance of Diversifying Crypto Assets

Cryptocurrencies are synonymous with low prices volatile, where the price rises and falls rapidly. These crypto price fluctuations are difficult to predict, when one crypto asset goes down, other assets may actually go up. So not all assets will go down at the same time, for example you have Bitcoin and Ethereum. At one time Bitcoin went up, and Ethereum went down or vice versa.

Here you can take advantage of these fluctuations and differences to your advantage. For example by selling Bitcoin that is going up, and buying Ethereum that is going down. If you have many types of assets, then these fluctuations can be very profitable.

For those of you who only have one type of crypto asset due to limited capital, these fluctuations can still be used. It’s just that you have to wait for the right buy or sell price. If the price continues to rise, then you can sell it and make a profit from it. However, if the price drops drastically, you have to be prepared to bite the finger if the buying capital is much larger than the selling price, and you may incur losses without being able to cover it with other assets.

It is because of this that price fluctuations can be very detrimental for crypto users who do not diversify their assets. Because having a variety of different crypto assets can avoid you from serious losses, because there are still other assets that can be used as a foundation or even cover the losses of other assets.

Well, if you have already spent capital to buy only one type of asset and just thought of diversifying assets. You can trade these assets for other types of assets without the need to buy from scratch. The trick is to register on the Remitano exchange and use their swap feature.

Remitano’s SWAP Features

You can use peer to peer exchanges Remitano and take advantage of the existing swap feature. Swap feature it will replace one asset to another instantly, this asset replacement process is very fast so that users don’t miss opportunities when asset prices fluctuate.

An example of using the swap feature like this, the Ethereum asset you own is going down and the price of one of the assets like USDT is going up. This instant and fast swap feature will allow you to exchange Ethereum into USDT.

Of course the USDT value obtained will be adjusted to the amount of Ethereum exchanged. By using this swap feature you can earn USDT without needing to buy again from scratch and take advantage of the swap proceeds to make a profit. For those of you who wish to swap crypto assets, the minimum amount of exchanged assets must be more than 20 USDT. This feature is very easy to do with an additional fee of only 0.25%. At Remitano you are also not charged extra aka FREE for trading, deposits to fiat withdrawals until October 31, 2022. You also have the opportunity to get free altcoin investment fees at Remitano if you register in the Remitano Invest competition with prizes up to 500 USDT.

For those of you who only have one type of asset, this feature is certainly very beneficial, because at Remitano you don’t need to add capital to buy other crypto, just exchange the assets you have into the crypto you want. Use the Swap feature now and get the benefits!

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