Thunder Token Core Mining Round 3

Thunder Token Core Review

ThunderToken is the underlying token on the ThunderCore Blockchain.ThunderCore is a fast, high-performance and compatible public Ethereum blockchain, meaning it uses the same language and toolset, with fully decentralized trust that brings speed to decentralized applications – with low throughput. higher rates, faster confirmation times, and lower costs. It is basically a cheaper and faster Ethereum. This technology opens up many potential applications. ThunderToken is for the ThunderCore network just as Eth is for the Ethereum network. ThunderToken will be used to pay for gas fees on the ThunderCore network.

How does it work? The Thunder Protocol (based on the “Thunderella” protocol) was developed by Cornell Professors Rafael Pass and Elaine Shi based on years of research. Each step of the protocol is fully defined and supported by mathematical proofs. ThunderCore uses a hybrid consensus mechanism, with the Ethereum standard (“slow track”) and “fast track” optimized blockchains. On the fast track, committees formed by consensus nodes complete a round of voting to confirm transactions in less than a second. The accelerator – a robust DDoS distribution system – coordinates a network of consensus nodes. Users do not need to trust accelerators or consensus nodes; they just need to trust the honest majority.

Thunder Token Core Mining | Step By Step Join

  1. Download Thunder Token Core here
  2. Register using your email or google account
  3. Go to menu House choose the banner that says TT Mining
  4. And claim your TToken
  5. You can also get an additional 1000 TT
  6. Click menu Earn 10% Referral Reward
  7. Spread your referral link on social media
  8. Make sure you get 6 Followers
  9. Paste your social media links (Facebook, Twitter, Weibo or Redit) into the bottom column
  10. Safe! you got 1000 TT


  • Thunder Token Core listing on major Markets such as Huobi, Upbit, and BKEX

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