TIXL Astronauts Club Event | Register and Get Total Reward $285 TIXL

TIXL Astronauts Club Event Review

Tixl Astronauts Club is a system that rewards the Tixl community for supporting activities on Social Media. Participants in the Astronauts Club are called “Tixl Astronauts” (“Astronauts” for short).

A Tixl Astronaut can earn points by supporting Tixl through various activities on social media (especially Twitter), for example by liking or retweeting a post. At certain times, the points that have been earned through marketing activities will automatically be converted into the MTXLT amount, which will then be credited to the participants. Bots, fake profiles or people buying followers will be blocked without further notice once detected and will not receive any rewards.

TIXL Astronauts Club Event | Step By Step Join

  1. Click and Register via the link this
  2. Scroll Down Click Join
  3. Sign up with email
  4. Confirm Email
  5. Connect Twitter Account
  6. Click Activity Overview
  7. Complete Task
  8. Click the line 3 in the upper right corner
  9. Click Distribution Token
  10. Add Wallet BNB From Trust Wallet
  11. Confirm Add Swallow Sent From Email
  12. Finished


  • Binance Dex, Probit
  • Email Capital Just Twitter
  • District every month, on the 15th

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