Toda Note Airdrop | Register and Get 46 TND Worth $15

Toda Note Airdrop – We are a technology company creating a new digital economy ecosystem that serves everyone. From governments and banks, to businesses and individuals, everyone can have real ownership and control of their digital assets.

We provide digital things with value maintaining the transferability of physical things and physical things with liquidity of digital things to form a complete and fluid digital ecosystem. TODAQ was born out of a vision to enable new ways of doing things.

TODAQ . Ecosystem

It started with TODA, a decentralized protocol for ownership management. It enables the meaningful and secure creation, ownership and transfer of digital assets, providing a transformational digital foundation from the ground up. Anything can be entered into the TODA Protocol: identity, goods, services, money…everything.

Our TODA-as-a-Service platform, TaaS, caters to all sectors, providing direct access to TODA and providing companies, banks and governments with unprecedented trust, efficiency and interoperability in building software for their businesses. And the future of their business.

Toda Note Airdrop | Step by Step

  1. Submit Data you and follow the task directions
  2. Join Channel Telegrams and Groups Chat TODA note
  3. Follow Twitter account TODA Note & make a retweet tagged 3 friends
  4. Follow page Our Facebook & repost the pinned post
  5. Subscribe to channel YouTube we
  6. Fill in your Ethereum ER20 address
  7. Choose how many tasks you complete
  8. Submit and done

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