Tokocrypto Holds 2nd Indonesia Blockchain Week Again

Jakarta, 5 August 2022 – After being successfully held in 2022, Tokocrypto is ready to hold Indonesia Blockchain Week (IBW) 2022, the largest blockchain seminar series in Indonesia, from 18 to 27 August.

Last year, IBW offered various discussions from local and foreign blockchain project actors. So this year we will focus on discussing Decentralized Finance (DeFi), which is indeed a hot topic of discussion among financial and blockchain industry players.

“In the past year, Decentralized Finance or a decentralized financial system has often become a topic of discussion in the financial world and also blockchain. At IBW 2022, we would like to explore this matter more deeply and introduce it to the Indonesian people as an effort to open financial access for all levels of society. Especially those who do not have access to banking facilities”

said Chung Ying Lai, Tokocrypto’s Business Development Director and Chairman of the Organizer of Indonesia Blockchain Weeks 2022.

In addition to focusing on discussing DeFi, the IBW seminar this time is also a little different. If last year it was conducted in various cities offline, this time it was conducted online in the form of a webinar.

“Indonesia Blockchain Week is an embodiment of Tokocrypto’s vision to become a blockchain education center in Indonesia. Even in difficult circumstances like now in the middle of the COVID19 pandemic. We believe that this virtual webinar can be a good opportunity because it can be easily accessed anywhere and by anyone who wants to understand more about this industry.”

said Pang Xue Kai, Co-Founder & CEO of Tokocrypto.

In holding IBW 2022 this time. Tokocrypto is also supported by various partners who share the same view and also encourage initiatives related to the application of DeFi, namely: Binance, Swipe, and Synthetix. Where they will also be speakers at this conference.

Information about Indonesia Blockchain Week 2022 can be seen on the official website IBW as well as on all official Tokocrypto channels.

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