Trade Bitcoin on BigoMex Get Bonus Up To 266 USDT

Crypto activists in Indonesia are used to trading crypto assets such as Bitcoin on a spot basis. However, not many people know and trade crypto assets using futures contracts, such as futures and others.

BigoMex, a crypto exchange from Singapore, is here to provide trading services for Bitcoin and other crypto assets with a futures contract system. Having a user-friendly interface, this platform offers convenience to investors who want to transact crypto assets using futures contracts.

Various Bonuses for Trading Bitcoin on BigoMex

Users can start trading Bitcoin on BigoMex with a capital of only 2 USDT. There is also a demo mode account for crypto activists who want to practice Bitcoin trading techniques using futures contracts.

For users who register and complete a certain set of tasks, BigoMex gives a bonus of up to 266 USDT. There is also a game called “Captain Miner” that allows users to enter and mine or mine with USDT prizes.

Through the referral code, users who invite friends to register for BigoMex have the opportunity to get double rewards, in the form of transaction fees ranging from 10% to 70% and 5 USDT from each friend who successfully registers, makes a deposit and transacts through the code.

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Regarding legality, BigoMex is regulated by the Singapore Corporate Regulatory and Accounting Authority (ACRA). The trading pairs offered on this exchange include 17 major crypto assets, including Bitcoin (BTC), Ether (ETH), Bitcoin Cash (BCH), Litecoin (LTC), Tron (TRX), EOS, Cardano (ADA) and others. Going forward, BigoMex will continue to add new crypto assets.

Who is the Team Behind BigoMex?

This crypto futures exchange was founded by a young and dynamic team with diverse backgrounds, from early Bitcoin investors, financial industry experts as well as the internet industry. Thanks to the expertise of its founders, BigoMex managed to raise US$10 million in strategic investments from venture capital investment companies.

Armed with a team with more than 10 years of experience, BigoMex makes trading rules simpler, makes the trading experience easier and focuses on trading fundamentals. Through BigoMex’s simple interface, users can login and make one transaction in less than a minute.

How is BigoMex Security?

For investors, the security of the exchange for crypto asset transactions is very important. BigoMex puts security first and provides security and communication security solutions.

For the security of funds, BigoMex runs cold wallets (offline wallets) and hot wallets (online wallets). Most of users’ crypto assets are stored in cold wallets with multisignature features. This feature is not connected to the internet and requires the signature of a number of people to be accessed thereby protecting the asset from hacker attacks.

In addition, a small number of crypto assets are stored in hot wallets to provide quick withdrawals of funds by users.

For communication security, user privacy is highly guarded. User communications to the BigoMex site are secure and private, encrypted using SSL and masked from hackers.

For trade insurance, BigoMex has take profit and stop loss features to help users achieve maximum profit and prevent losses. The exchange also prepares an insurance of US$1 million to protect users in the event of extreme price movement conditions so that users are not harmed.

BigoMex also offers relatively low transaction fees and is suitable for user wallets, in contrast to other crypto exchanges that apply high transaction fees.

BigoMex is a beginner-friendly crypto contract trading platform in Indonesia. In addition to simpler trading features that are more convenient for users, there are also many bonuses that benefit new users.

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