Trade Stocks, Crypto and Fiat Currencies in One App!

Trading is one of the most common ways to profit from owning crypto assets. There are various types of trading that are commonly known, namely spot where traders trade directly with the assets they have.

Next is trading with contracts or commonly known as the futures market where traders trade asset contracts using security deposits or margin and increased by leverage so that the possibility of greater profits with greater risk of loss.

Where can you trade the spot and futures markets? One option is FTX. The leading exchange listed as the fifth largest derivatives exchange in the world. FTX was launched in May 2022, founded by Sam Bankman Fried who is listed as the second richest person of crypto assets according to a survey from the Hurun Institute.

FTX provides derivative trading or derivatives offering its users a variety of innovative and unique trading options, some of which can’t be found anywhere else, with higher risks and rewards to match.

Derivatives trading allows the trader to trade contracts that are equal in value to the crypto asset used, traders can use margin and leverage to increase their profit potential, but can also result in very large losses.

FTX allows users to use up to 101x leverage on most trading contracts. In addition to futures, FTX also offers many other trading features, including options, volatility products and leveraged tokens, as well as the unique MOVE contract which is a futures contract that expires according to the amount of movement in the BTC price, not the price itself.

Variety of Assets at FTX

Basically, there are a myriad of trading options available, each with its own nuances and details to consider. FTX provides buying and selling of crypto assets, fiat currencies to American stocks such as Google, Tesla, Amazon and so on. Uniquely, there is also stock trading with crypto, namely between Doge and Tesla. With this feature, you can feel the sensation of buying and selling many assets in just one application.

FTX fees and withdrawals

Like other derivative platforms, FTX has a tier structure in terms of its fees, based on the volume traded in USD. For most users, the maker fee will be 0.02%, with a taker fee of 0.07%. Professional traders can use the VIP program that has in order to get lower fees for high volume traders.

Another fee can be found with leveraged tokens and the redemption fee, which is 0.1%, while users trading with 50x or 100x leverage on futures contracts will see an increase in trading fees of 0.02% and 0.03%, respectively.

FTT Token and Insurance Fund

FTX has its own ecosystem token called FTT which has been specially developed to act as the main token of the exchange ecosystem, FTT token holders have access to certain perks, which include weekly purchases and fees, lower trading fees, and guarantees for futures trading. The FTT token is currently ranked 32 by coinmarketcap.

FTX 3-level liquidation model helps reduce clawback. To begin with, FTX closes positions with a liquidation order with a limited rate.

The platform has a unique liquidity program that intervenes to deliver to accounts facing bankruptcy. The platform also leverages insurance funds that help prevent losses.

FTX Security

FTX is widely trusted as a safe and secure place. Users can use 2FA to access their accounts and make withdrawals, making it difficult for thieves to access user funds. FTX’s security policy also states that its team works closely with security researchers to detect potential vulnerabilities, while ensuring that the service remains online and secure at all times.

This exchange has quite good service and is carefully designed with various trading features. FTX has also become a leading exchange in just two years and in the future will continue to innovate according to the crypto industry which is increasing over time. Want to get more information about FTX? You can join the FTX Indonesia telegram group here.

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