TradeKax Exchange Airdrop | Register and Get 1000 TKX estimated $5

Preview of TradeKax Exchange

TradeKax is a trading platform for Cryptocurrency derivatives registered in the UK.
We are open to users and traders all over the world including major Cryptocurrency financial centers. We serve as a trading platform for individual investors/co-traders as well as professional traders with gene derivatives.
We offer online customer service providing trading solutions to our users under timely deadlines.
We are committed to a transparent and efficient way of trading to be fair with every investor on the portal. The trading products we offer our users include BTC/USD, ETH/USD, XRP/USD etc.

TradeKax Exchange Airdrop | Step by Step

  1. Visit Link Go BOT
  2. Register at website TradekaX
  3. Join Telegram Group
  4. Join Telegram Channel
  5. Follow Twitter CEO TradekaX
  6. Follow TradekaX Twitter
  7. Follow Facebook
  8. Follow Medium
  9. Generate the TKX address in TradekaX and paste it into BOT
  10. Finished


  • Don’t Forget KYC
    1. First, register on the stock exchange on the site, provide email confirmation, complete the simple KYC process,
    2. fill in your information,
    3. upload front and back ID,
    4. create a TKX address, enter the address there, the reward will go to the site, run the boat, join the Telegram channel, follow the Twitter account and enter the email address you registered on the site. copy and paste to ship perform other tasks on request share your referral link
  • Distribution will be done after the IEO period is over

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