TranslateMe Airdrop | Register and Get 500 TMN

TranslateMe Airdrop – TranslateMe has developed a unique approach to natural language processing. We will be the first to train the algorithm with self-correction, using real machine data and comparing it to corrections from human contributors.

A typical neural network requires large amounts of data to positively affect the algorithm, but the TranslateMe process is about 90% more efficient at correcting engine output. This makes the data transmitted very valuable and will allow TranslateMe to quickly develop commercial products.

TranslateMe Airdrop | Step by Step

  1. Click the link to BOT
  2. Join the Telegram group TranslateMe
  3. Follow TranslateMe Twitter Twitter account
  4. Retweet pinned Post TranslateMe
  5. Download TranslateMe app on Playstore
  6. For the TranslateMe reference code, you can enter the code 4LNWVi
  7. Enter your email address
  8. Enter the TranslateMe token (TMN) address from Probit Exchange
  9. Finished


  • Enter the email you registered with your Probit Exchange account, create a probit account at here
  • Besides Probit Exchange, you can also create a wallet on the website O3.Network and Neon Wallet

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