Makes VeChain (VET) Official Payment Method

VeChain users will be happy to hear that is now integrating this currency as a payment method. At least for this project.

Travala Increases Ease of Transactions

The last few months have been very positive for the platform. More currencies are supported as payment methods. A very interesting trend, and will benefit the industry as a whole. Using cryptocurrencies to book flights and pay for accommodation is a very important real-world convenience.

The latest currency supported by is VeChain. This is an interesting choice, though not too surprising. The VeChain ecosystem has worked in all cylinders, especially since its blockchain is used in the real world. The original VET asset also has potential, as it is now the official payment method on the platform.

“As a supporter of the ecosystem, Vechain is well on its way to amassing a client base, and we are always looking for partnerships among a diverse list of industries to expand blockchain adoption. We are excited to partner with to bring an enhanced travel experience through the use of blockchain technology. ”

Vechain CEO Sunny Lu

Being able to explore over 2.2 million accommodation options with VET is a pretty big deal. Currently, not many currencies are supported by The main options right now are Bitcoin, Ethereum, Binance Coin, and AVA tokens. It has become difficult for VeChain to enter the list of the most popular payment methods.

Big Step for VeChain

At its core, VeChain is often thought of as a blockchain service solution. It certainly gains recognition in this regard. Many large companies are incorporating this technology into their offering options. Walmart, for example, has recently been actively exploring the potential of the VeChain blockchain. Several other Vechain partners are doing the same in different parts of the world.

Now that VET is validated as a real-world payment method, the narrative has shifted significantly. While there are other platforms that accept VET, is a major player in the industry today. Getting their support is invaluable and validating.

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