TuneStar TV Airdrop | Register and Get 250 TST

TuneStar TV Project Review

What is TST? The TST platform complements the existing shortcomings of Internet broadcasting and is a platform that is leading a healthy content culture. The TST platform aims for new and interesting ideas such as drama, lyrics, composition, comedy, film, CF, etc. Content creators, avoid advertising, gambling and obscenities of existing internet broadcasts.

It also serves as a “star gateway” for everyone who dreams of a star like “new singer, actor, comedian, film director, cf director” on the TST platform. The TST platform has the goal of creating a world of Korean fans outside of Hallyu and making it into Korea, Japan, China, Europe and the United States.

TST Platform, TST is a blockchain based system that gives you the availability to use coins that are unified with various content. Also, this system compensates content creators, copyright holders and users. In TST, anyone can use and generate income!

TuneStar TV Airdrop | Step by Step

  1. Click the link to Google Forms
  2. Register on Tunestar Tv
  3. Join Telegram Tunestar Tv
  4. Join Twitter Tunestar Tv
  5. Fill in the form and enter @YesayasD for the refferer account
  6. Submit and done


  • Distribution starts July 25, 2022

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