Ubiex Exchange Airdrop | Free 2000 UB Token + 1000 h/s (KYC Mandatory)

MediaAuthority – Ubiex Exchange is a Professional blockchain asset trading platform.

Bank-grade storage and risk control: Ubiex Exchange has a security team of world-leading experts to provide secure bank-grade protection and storage for your assets.

One-stop service: The most extensive trading business in the industry, including Spot/Fiat/Margin trading, caters to your diverse trading needs.

Global investors trading online: Ubiex Exchange Provides digital asset trading services to investors in more than 130 countries or regions worldwide.

Ubiex Exchange Airdrop | Step by step

Free 2000 UB Token + 1000 h/s For Mining

️ KYC Verification Required
Immediate Balance When Passing KYC
Activate Mining To Earn BTC, ETH, EOS

  1. Register Website CLICK HERE
    • Register with e-mail / no.hp
    • Enter Password 2x
    • Invite code👉 REBAO5ZD
    • Enter OTP Code
    • Download Apps & Login
    • Done
  2. Step KYC
    • Click Set Up
    • Select Identity Verification
    • Click Identify
    • Upload a photo of the front ID card
    • Upload a photo of the rear ID card
    • Upload Selfie + KTP + Paper
  3. Full name
  4. Back to WWW.UBIEX.COM
  5. KYC Date (YYYY-MM-DD)
  6. Click Immediatly Verification
  7. Done

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