Ucrowdme Airdrop | Register and Get 500 UCM (~25)

Ucrowdme Airdrop – UCRWDME is to be the premier global exchange of ideas enabling citizens of the world to monetize
their ideas and insights to registered platform buyers. We motivate global citizens through rewards and token currency, match ideas with artificial intelligence and secure IP Provenance with blockchain.

UCRWDME believe that the new software industry “so-called Ideas/Insights as a Service” is very important to the world. They validate all customer generated ideas and insights and only send quality data to customers.

We are excited to announce the launch of ucrowdme with an airdrop campaign. Earn up to 500 UCM ($25) for easy social tasks and 50 UCM (2.5) for each validated referral

Ucrowdme Airdrop | Step by Step

  1. Click the link to Airdrop
  2. Pass the BOT exam
  3. Do social media Task
  4. Join Telegram group & Telegrams channel
  5. Follow Twitter & retweet pinned post
  6. Follow Facebook, LinkedIn, Medium
  7. Subscribe YouTube, like and share videos
  8. Subscribe advertiser’s YouTube, like & share the UCRWDME Airdrop video
  9. Join us advertiser’s Telegram
  10. Follow advertiser’s Twitter & retweet
  11. Sumbit Erc20 Wallet Address & Details in bot
  12. Finished


  • Distribution September 2022
  • Market exchange: IEO will be on Probit

Don’t forget to join the channel Crypto Hypbizz update the latest airdrop information, bro, So Lets Make Earn!

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