UHIVE App Airdrop | Register and Get 300 UHIVE

UHIVE App Review

Uhive is a social media app that aims to create a real distraction by placing user privacy at the absolute core of its value, giving back most of the revenue, and introducing a whole new content discovery UX. Individuals are given the option of communicating publicly or trying out new identities and interacting anonymously with one another in a highly private free world. Meanwhile our revenue-sharing model rewards users whose content we generate with a percentage of impact, creates strong communities, and really gives people power back.

Uhive launched on Google Play and the App Store over a year ago as an early access app. This gave us time to “test the waters” and measure user feedback over a period of time while we kept the app in hidden mode (in other words – we never launched it publicly). Over the past 12 months we have exclusively invited 1,000 productive and creative social media accounts to start posting content and creating their profiles on Uhive. We listen to their feedback and keep re-developing the app until here. With 100,000 users registered and actively using Uhive, we have decided the time is right to launch Uhive publicly and invite the world into a new social universe.

UHIVE App Airdrop | Step by Step

  1. Download the UHIVE App here
  2. Fill in the registration form and don’t forget to use the code 1GL4QL
  3. Activate the account by confirming the account in your email
  4. Fill in Profile data
  5. Do KYC and wait for it to be accepted
  6. Finished


  • Use code 1GL4QL in order to redeem rewards
  • Do KYC, bro!

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