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Ullu App Review

ullu is a blockchain-based open source crowdfunding platform. Unlike other virtual worlds and social networks. ullu is not controlled by a centralized organization. There is no single agent with the power to modify system rules. ullu uses the ullu coin, an ERC20 token based on Ethereum technology.

The world forever changed the day the person behind the name Satoshi Nakamoto mined the Bitcoin genesis block. Prior to the milestone, cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology were practically unheard of. Now, blockchain technology has developed into a vast resource with a large number of use cases and innovations that have a lot of untapped potential waiting to be discovered.

Blockchain is a decentralized data storage technology designed to prevent copying and hacking. Blockchain has a virtually unmodifiable structure, and transaction information is logged and Ullu is here to be one of the solutions needed.

Ullu Mining App | Step by Step

  1. Step By Step Join Ullu App
  2. Fill in the registration form
  3. Enter code 9z67BAVFI
  4. Register and claim Ullu


  • Listing plan on Indoex
  • To convert to a regular file, just delete the .zip in front of the .apk extension

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