UPAY App | Register and Get 100 Mining Capital UP & Claims per day

UPAY App Review

Distributed financial applications At the beginning of the blockchain wave, UPAY believes that decentralized network services with built-in incentive mechanisms will transform the traditional centralized financial service system and will surely play an increasingly important influence in the future.

  • Blockchain Technology The Upay platform is built on open blockchain technology, enhancing the security and transparency they provide.
  • Quantitative mining Compared to other digital currency mining methods, it is a built-in incentive model, generated according to the proportional distribution of PDUs.
  • Quantization leverage Reinforce digital asset value by 5 times, measure and distribute to users to achieve stable annual revenue.

Upay is the world’s first leveraged LQT (Leveraged quantitative trading) digital mine. Based on Ethereum’s LQT protocol, digital asset quantitative trading mining is realized. Users can take advantage of their idle digital assets to earn stable and big Income, at the same time get platform UP pass and more rights,

UPAY App | Step by Step

  1. Register at Website UPAY using your mobile number
  2. Verify the incoming OTP Number
  3. Download the application via the web after successful
  4. Login account using app
  5. Click the Calendar icon in the upper right corner to claim daily bonuses
  6. Click on the UPM menu at the bottom of the application, select the UPM menu
  7. Slide the right button to activate the Mining menu.
  8. Finished

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