Uphold Announces Interledger Connectivity With Coil Integration

Uphold, the leading digital money platform that has generated over $6 billion in transactions in 180 countries. Today announced a partnership with a Web Coil Monetization provider leveraging the Interledger Protocol.

Coil creators around the world can now choose Uphold as their wallet provider. To receive payments sent directly to their Uphold account to gain access to 50+ currencies including fiat, digital and commodities along with bank connectivity in 34 countries.

Coil is designed to help content creators make money and provide consumers with a premium experience. Coil is the first of many examples of Interledger’s power and vision to the next generation of web payments.

Interledger, which enables real-time payments to content providers, is the ability to settle payments globally into any digital asset or currency of choice. Uphold’s global payment capabilities enable this core settlement functionality.

Robin O’Connell, Uphold’s chief revenue officer said,

“We see Web Monetization as an exciting development for the future of payments on the open web. The ability to pay for your app subscriptions, news articles, or premium experiences with zero-clicks and in real time feels like the future.

Uphold, with any-to-any payout capabilities, is uniquely positioned to provide partners like Coil. Ability to bridge old and new money systems while offering creators unlimited payment settlements. “

Additionally, US-based creators who choose Uphold as their wallet provider will also have access to the Uphold debit card, which provides 2% CryptoBack and 1% CashBack, and instant access to payments accepted through the micropayments platform.

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