Veryhash Mining | Register and Get 5 USDT Per 5 Invite Founded in November 2018, it is a Hong Kong-listed technology company with the aim of building a global financial services platform based on computing power. Focusing on financial services for calculating assets, we are committed to reducing the mining machine investment threshold and increasing the circulation of computing power.

When a friend receives a red envelope, it counts as a free red envelope user. If invited friends participate in computing power transactions on the platform, invitees will be rewarded with high transaction commission commissions.

Veryhash Mining | Step by Step

  1. Register to Veryhash web website
  2. Register using email or mobile number
  3. Verify incoming messages to your mobile number or email
  4. Click the red envelope and share with 5 of your friends to get USDT
  5. Finished


  • Free red envelopes are a reward task given by VeryHash to users.
  • Users can send red envelopes to friends who are not registered with VeryHash for free. After at least 5 friends pick up the cash envelope, the user who sends the red envelope will get an additional bitcoin incentive.
  • Free red envelopes can be sent to unregistered friends every day.
  • The currency and amount of the red envelope is provided by VeryHash. Red envelope bonuses are all real digital currencies, and VeryHash has the final right of interpretation.

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