VIC Rewards: Your Step to Success

VIC Rewards, The Benefits You Get

VIC is a True Vitality Utility Token, offering real value to consumers of the VIC Rewards Marketplace Ecosystem.

1. True Utility Token

You can use your VIC to purchase products and services from our quality partners that will help you live a healthier life to the fullest.

Giving value to VIC utility tokens through our VIC Rewards partners ensures that when you invest in VIC and buy or earn rewards, you will get the best value.

2. Tradeability

You can also trade your VIC with other Utility token merchants in this ecosystem, and in the future many top quality merchants will join us in bringing you the full ecosystem as a new way to shop, live and stay healthy.

3. Buy Back Option

Gives you a guaranteed “buy-back” option every year which will help keep your ecosystem and VIC valuable. With the right choice you can get multiple benefits, you can have a healthy life as well as a healthy wallet.

So, this is a very good reason to invest in VIC. You have tokens that you can use to purchase goods and services, conduct health and wellness consultations and treatments with participating health professionals, and even enjoy local food and other fine dining options.

More options for you to trade in our ecosystem with valuable and ethical partners. We will also invite more partners regularly to ensure our offerings are maintained and our selection continues to grow. So you also get the benefits.

So whenever you perform a task or health and wellness care plan, you will be rewarded. Likewise, if you invest in the new world of tokens and trading, you will also benefit.

You’ll feel good after doing it because there’s so much value in VIC, and we’re sure you’ll say;


VIC Rewards, “provide benefits to you by returning ownership of health data and rewards back to consumers’ pockets

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