WardenSwap Presents Farming Services for BIDR/BNB

WardenSwap is a decentralized exchange (DEX) platform that uses the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) blockchain. One of the differentiators is that it uses an algorithm to find the best rates for BSC transactions automatically. These exchange rates from several pools to find the lowest gas cost.

WardenSwap has been integrated with ten different decentralized exchanges including PancakeSwap, BakerySwap, JulSwap, Eliipsis, Value DeFi, Spartan Protocol, ACryptoS, Nerve Finance, Definix, and Mdex. They have nine farms and a liquidity pool. The platform also achieves the best tier exchange using single routing, split routing, multi-hop routing, and dynamic search with deep routing.

WardenSwap integrates with smart portals including ApeBoard, JDI Yield, SafeBsc, DexGuru, and PooCoin. They are also listed on various platforms including BscScan Yield Farms, DappRadar, and Trust Wallet. Currently, there are more than 12,000 users holding the WardenSwap network’s native WAD token, and the average daily trading volume is around $100 million USD.

In addition to providing swap services at the best prices, WardenSwap also provides farming services to increase passive income for investors. In Indonesia, there is no farming service, so users can consider warden swaps to do farming with BIDR and BNB pairs.

BIDR is an asset that is directly paired by Binance, therefore the liquidity of this asset is managed by Binance. Whereas BNB is a crypto issued by Binance on the Ethereum blockchain. BIDR and BNB are pairs that are quite attractive to traders, especially if traders use the Binance or Tokcrypto exchanges that have collaborated with CZ’s exchanges.

For now, the liquidity pool is still low, so those who are interested can do BIDR/BNB farming now so they can get higher profits if the pool gets crowded. Because, the more trades that will occur over time will allow you to earn a fee pool over time, which is passive income of around 200% APR. Within 2 months after the launch of WardenSwap, this platform is known to have gained a trading volume of almost 2 Billion USD.

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