WardenSwap Reaches Up to 700% Transaction Increase in One Month!

MediaAuthority.id – For users who frequently use DeFi and need a swap or token exchange service to make transactions easier and make the trading experience on DeFi more optimal, that’s why WardenSwap is here, it provides an easy, cheap token swap service and helps users find the best price available .

Warden Swap itself gets fees in two ways, namely, a 0.1% fee from the best rate swap and a 0.05% fee * from swapping in the Warden pool. When swapping in the Warden’s Pool, traders who come to the Swap will pay a fee of 0.3%, divided into 0.25% for the Warden’s Pool and 0.05% for the Earn & Burn program.

Fee 0.1% of Best Rate Swap

This is the main revenue of the platform, this income will fluctuate with the trading volume and is multiplied by 0.1% (Except for every transaction where traders who come to Swap, holding 100 WAD coins, will not pay 0.1% fee) Fee 0, 1% is collected in the form of coin swap destinations, for example: If the user exchanges from 250 WAD to 1 BNB, the user fee will be collected in the form of BNB coins: 1 x 0.1% = 0.001 BNB.

That is, Traders who return to trade will return BNB only 1-0.001 = 0.999 BNB. Therefore, the latest data from the platform is known to have collected the Best Rate Swap revenue from 15 Mar 2022 – 25 May 2022 at $283,372.

Coins that achieved the highest swap rates at Warden included MDX $80,171 (28.3%), BUSD $66,646 (23.5%), Warden $50,664 (17.9%), BNB $43,174 (15.2%) and USDT $13,298 (4.7%.). The results obtained are sorted from the income received by the Warden from 0.1% Fee.

Fee 0.05% * of Swapping in Pool

This is also the main income, this income will depend on the amount of swap used by the pool in the Warden multiplied by 0.05%. (If any trader uses the Warden’s Best Rate Swap, but does not use the Warden’s Pool, this part of the Warden’s earnings is not possible). The collection fee for using the swap service in the pool on the platform is as follows:

A 0.05% collection fee will be collected in the form of swap destination coins, for example:

If the user trades from 100 WAD to 150 BUSD, the fee will be charged as BUSD, 150 x 0.3% = 0.45 That is, traders who come in SWAP will get BUSD back only 150-0.45 = 149.55 BUSD.

The LP Farms in the Warden that received the most funds were Warden + BUSD $117,197 (39.6%), WBNB $112,273 (37.9%), WBNB + BUSD $50,662 (17.1%), ETH + WBNB $7,670 (2 .6%), BTCB + WBNB $4,724 (1.6%), and BIDR + WBNB $2,984 (1.0%)

Another thing you need to know from this platform is about P/E or Price/Earning which describes the price compared to the profit or profit generated. The Price/Earning Warden currently earns is $14.8 million. Meanwhile Coinbase is at $49.88 and UniSwap is at $24.21 million.

Indeed, the Warden’s price is currently lower but with future plans that have been designed, there is a possibility that this service will be able to catch up with higher P/E in the future. However, apart from P/E, what the Warden needs to pay attention to is the issue of TTV or total transaction value, where this is the transaction value that was successfully obtained.

The platform managed to get TTV worth $250 million, the following month TTV rose to $2,000 million. This means that TTV in Warden grew by 700% in just one month.

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Future of Warden Swap

Best Rates V2

The V2 roadmap is being developed and will soon be launched by Warden to provide even better services, especially in the Best Rate section.

Layer 2 and Cross Chain

Optimism that helps Ethereum in terms of scalability, cheaper and faster gas.

The plan is that this development will be present in July, Warden plans to expand to Ethereum in Q4 or in about 10-12 months. It’s not just Ethereum, by using the cross chain BestRate’s findings from this platform will be wider and give users more choices.

With this facility users can find rates from Ethereum, BSC, Polygon, Solana in one place in Warden.


In the future, DeFi will basically be about swap. If cross-chain comes along, Warden-type Aggregators (BestRate) have the advantage, and the protocol competitor BestRate exchange is just 0x. It already has 10 partners with the most daily trading volume in BSC.

In addition, Warden also has an interesting feature, namely the assets in the Warden can be traded with world stock pairs such as Google, Amazon, and others.

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