WeBounty X TriipMiles Bounty | Join and share a total of 58000 TIIM

WeBounty Profile and Triipmiles

What’s that weBounty ? An online community to get started, explore and support crowdfunded bounty. User weBounty make rewards for achieving goals, encouraging change, and rewarding progress. … When crowdfunded by the community, rewards create more incentives for action.

Triip is the only travel platform that allows travelers to seamlessly book 1,900,345 hotel rooms in 227 countries and 6,000 authentic local experiences (“triips”) in 100 countries. Not only do we have the best prices in the world for hotels (through a partnership with Booking.com), we are the only one to give back all of our commissions as rebates to travelers via cryptocurrency.

WeBounty X TriipMiles Bounty | Step by Step

  1. Click the link to the page WeBounty
  2. Follow Twitter TriipMiles and Comment, Like, and Retweet Post
  3. Join our Telegram and stay active
  4. Points will be added based on your performance

Everyone can participate in project discussions, and create nice or funny words, gifs or pictures. Admin will give a rating based on your performance. Too many repeated actions will be blocked.

  • Get reply from admin 2 points
  • Get reply from admin 5 points
  • Get reply from admin 10 points
  • Get reply from admin 15 points


Make sure you have updated the correct BiKi UID before the event ends, or you may not receive any rewards!

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