WenX Exchange Event Invitation | Register and Share 50,000 ZHT

WenX Exchange Review

WenX Pro is the world’s leading digital asset trading platform, a proud member of the WEN Ecosystem. Equipped with world-class security settings, you can trade Bitcoin and hundreds of other cryptocurrencies instantly on WenX. In addition, we provide a full spectrum of financial products to meet various investment needs.

As an exchange that originates from the community, WenX always thinks for our users and offers creative portfolios to our members.

Our mission is simple and clear – Make Money Together For a Better Future.

Here at WenX, we strive to ensure all our users, clients and employees share the pie, benefits and profits. And nothing will be left behind.

With profitability, we invest in education and do good for society, building a brighter future for all.

Safe, Comprehensive, Creative, Sincere.

Visit us and Discover the Future with us: https://www.wenxpro.com/

WenX Exchange Event Invitation | Step by Step

  1. Register WenX Exchange here
  2. Fill in the registration form
  3. Download the App (Optional)
  4. Set 2FA and don’t forget to save the code
  5. Do KYC Level 1 and 2
  6. Enter User Menu
  7. Then Go to Sub Menu ID Verification
  8. Fill in the data according to the instructions and wait for it to be approved
  9. Finished


  • Competition starts 24 August 2022 00.00 GMT +8 until 06 August 2022 23.59 GMT +8
  • For details please visit this link

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