What is a Crypto Airdrop? How to get it?

There are many ways that we can do to get cryptocurrency for free and one of the most common is by participating in cryptocurrency airdrop activities.

Lately a lot of new crypto coins or tokens have chosen to hold an airdrop as a means of promotion or introducing their cryptocurrency project.

However, the question is, what is a cryptocurrency airdrop? then what is the purpose of doing the airdrop?

to know more about the cryptocurrency airdrop, you can refer to the following discussion.

What are Airdrops?

Before participating in the crypto airdrop activity, we first get to know the cryptocurrency airdrop on a basic basis.

Crypto airdrop is an activity of distributing cryptocurrency tokens or coins which are usually given free of charge or free of charge, where participants are asked to do several tasks according to the terms and conditions of the airdrop organizer.

The tasks given in cryptocurrency airdrop activities also vary depending on the provisions of the organizer, for example, following their accounts on social media, sharing about their projects and much more.

Airdrops are generally carried out by coin or cryptocurrency token makers when the coin or token wants to be introduced to the public for the first time.

There are many purposes for doing cryptocurrency airdrops and one of the common ones is to introduce the cryptocurrency coin or token project.

Cryptocurrency Airdrop Destination

Cryptocurrency airdrops are of course held with a clear purpose by the owner or maker of a cryptocurrency coin or token.

One of the common goals of holding crypto airdrops is to promote or introduce their coin or token project to a large audience or audience.

With the recognition of the coins or tokens they have, many people will be interested in learning about the projects they are working on.

This can also increase the value of the investment in the coin or cryptocurrency token project. This is generally done by coins or tokens that are conducting an ICO or Initial Coin Offering.

In addition, the purpose of the airdrop is also carried out to create a solid community for the coin or token, so that the coin or token can develop continuously because of the community.

History of Cryptocurrency Airdrops

According to some sources, the first coin to airdrop or share their coins for free is Auroracoin. In 2014, Auroracoin (AUR) distributed free of charge with an amount of about 50% of the total available AUR supply.

The auroracoin airdrop that was distributed for free was given to the Icelandic community who filled in their population data at that time. In the airdrop, around 31.8 civil AUR was distributed which had been filled in by participants who came from Iceland.

Until now, airdrop activities have been used by many coin or cryptocurrency token makers as a way to promote or introduce the project and several other important goals.

How to Get Crypto Airdrops

To get an airdrop, of course, the first thing you need to do is find information about the airdrop. You can search for it easily via Google by typing “latest airdrop” or “new airdrop”.

Or you can join a community or group that discusses cryptocurrencies or airdrops, for example Facebook groups, Telegram channels/groups and others. One of the solid airdrop communities is Media Authority Community, you can join there to share together about crypto.

Continue to follow the crypto airdrop by registering and completing all the tasks given, for example following them on social media, commenting on the project and much more.

Next, after collecting a number of coins or tokens from the airdrop, you need to wait for the distribution process to take place and the tokens or coins will enter your wallet.

Finally, you only need to sell or trade with the coin or token.

Essential Tools For Crypto Airdrops

As explained earlier, in joining the airdrop you will get very varied tasks.

However, generally the task given is to follow the social media of the coin or token.

Therefore, there are some common things or tools you should have when you want to take part in a cryptocurrency airdrop, including:

Wallet or Wallet

Wallet or wallet is an important thing that you must have in participating in an airdrop. Because later the wallet or airdrop will be used to receive the coins or tokens you get.

For the wallet used, you can adjust it yourself according to the conditions of the airdrop organizer. If the coin or token is on the ethereum network you can use MyEtherWallet, MetaMask or others.

As for coins or other tokens, you can adjust it yourself and see the conditions of the airdrop organizer.

Telegram Account

Telegram is one of the most common applications used by cryptocurrency players to provide information. Even some crypto airdrops that are held require the participants to have a telegram account and follow them on telegram.

Twitter account

Similar to telegram, twitter has also become one of the platforms commonly used to share information related to cryptocurrencies and is commonly used by airdrop organizers.

Usually one of the tasks of the crypto airdrop that is held will require you to follow their official account project on twitter.

Email address

Email is generally used to confirm and get information regarding the airdrop. Usually notifications about airdrops, such as the distribution process, market lists and others are notified via email. Some crypto airdrops also require participants to register and confirm via email.

Other Social Media Accounts

It is possible that the tasks given by the crypto airdrop organizers require participants to follow their official accounts on other social media, apart from Twitter and Telegram. So make sure you have other social media accounts, for example Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and others.

That’s a brief discussion about cryptocurrency airdrops what you should know, if it’s your first time and interested in participating in any cryptocurrency airdrop activity.

In following the cryptocurrency airdrop, you also have to be aware of which crypto airdrop projects are good to follow. Also make sure you comply with all the terms and conditions provided by the airdrop organizer.

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