What is Bitcoin and How to Buy BTC

Bitcoin is generally considered a new investment tool with the potential to maximize profits. For a long time, with the enthusiasm of investment activists for this cryptocurrency, the name bitcoin itself has been heard for a long time.

The benefits provided are so tempting because the valuation that increases from time to time is extraordinary. In Indonesia alone, there are 13 special crypto asset trades that can officially be used as trading platforms buy bitcoin.

Currently, bitcoin is the largest crypto asset by market value. Reporting from Coinmarketcap, the market cap value of BTC as of July 13, 2022 is $622,995,214,319, almost 3 times above the second-placed ETH.

Then, what is bitcoin? Who is the inventor of bitcoin? And how to buy bitcoin? Let’s take a good look at the following reviews.

What is Bitcoin

Bitcoin is a global encrypted digital currency system, also known as virtual currency or encrypted asset. Bitcoin is an electronic currency that you can use to invest in the future. Bitcoin is primarily used for Internet transactions that do not use intermediaries or banking services.

Unlike most other currencies, bitcoin is not dependent on large issuers. Bitcoin uses a distributed database and propagates to the nodes of the P2P network to log transactions.

In the world of bitcoin, there are two types of users, namely traders and bitcoin mining. Traders are individuals who buy and sell bitcoins.

Miners are people who run bitcoin servers and are responsible for verifying bitcoin transactions. Then they will be rewarded with bitcoins and alternative coins (altcoins)

Who Invented Bitcoin?

Bitcoin was invented by Satoshi Nakamoto. He is a mysterious figure who created Bitcoin in 2008, but he only released Bitcoin as open source software in early 2009.

Initially, bitcoin did not immediately become famous and popular as it is now. The public’s interest in collecting cryptocurrencies was initially small.

But over time, bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies have gained wider exposure in society.

The early 2010s were a turning point for Bitcoin. This cryptocurrency began to be seen by people, and many people started to become miners to earn bitcoins.

With the emergence of various new commodities, bitcoin transactions are increasingly being monitored by the government. The Silk Road bitcoin trading website shut down in October 2013. The website is said to facilitate the use of bitcoin for black market transactions.

The first Bitcoin transaction took place between founder Satoshi Nakamoto and a bitcoin user in January 2009. However, the first real-world bitcoin transaction occurred in 2010, when a bitcoin miner used 10,000 bitcoins to buy two pizzas from Papa John’s, Florida.

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How to Buy Bitcoin

When deciding to invest in crypto assets, choosing an exchange company to trade with is very important to ensure the safety of the asset investment. For those who are still beginners, make sure the exchange you choose is legal and officially registered with CoFTRA.

In general, there are two ways to make bitcoin purchase transactions, namely through websites and applications.

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