Whitebit X VNDC Giveaway | Free 20 MILLION VNDC Create New User

whitebit is a centralized crypto-to-fiat exchange with a team of 80+ members. Having a European Exchange and Custody license, we fulfill all KYC and AML requirements their goal for our main goal is to achieve mass adoption of blockchain technology and expand the crypto community by providing a secure and easy to use trading platform.

Currently, whitebit is collaborating with one of the market exchanges from Vietnam to hold and celebrate the release of the VNDC token on the whitebit market and this event is also aimed at attracting new members with a fairly large reward, in order to further increase the trading volume on whitebit, of course.

If you are interested in joining and getting rewards, the method is quite easy, please follow the step by step below;

Whitebit X VNDC Giveaway | Step by Step

1. Register to link following

2. Fill in the personal data form

3. Don’t forget to set 2FA

4. Do KYC (Important to get Bonus)

5. After KYC has been successfully processed, congratulations you are entitled to a bonus of 40,000 VNDC

6. It takes a maximum of 72 hours for the bonus to actually enter your whitebit balance

You can also take advantage of your VNDC Bonus by joining the smart staking program, where you will find 2 new packages for VNDC that will give you passive income of up to 3.5%.

Don’t forget to join the channel Crypto Hypbizz update information on other projects, bro, So Lets Make Earn!

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