Withdrawal of Money Can Be Done

Currently, one private key holders OKEx has finished assisting the authorities in the previously referenced investigation. During this investigation, it was confirmed that OKEx was not involved in any wrongdoing or illegal activity, and private key holders has now returned to its normal business function.

Therefore, OKEx will reopen unlimited withdrawals on or before November 27, 2022. Prior to reopening of withdrawals, OKEx team will carry out strict security checks to continue the normal operation of the hot wallet system and ensure the safety of user funds.

Since OKEx has insisted on maintaining 100% reserves since its establishment, 100% of user funds can be withdrawn without any restrictions once withdrawals are re-opened. Simultaneously, OKEx will also launch a significant user loyalty reward campaign to express its deepest apologies and most sincere thanks to its community. Details of this bounty campaign will be announced in the next few days.

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