WOM Protocol Bounty | Register and Get Reward Pool Total $2950

WOM Protocol Bounty Reward collects $2950. $2600 for top referrals and $400 random winners, each winner gets $10 WOM Tokens.

WOM is a building blockchain based Protocol that provides brands, content creators, publishers and social networks with a way to monetize word of mouth recommendations on any app or platform.

WOM does this without a single central party profiting exclusively from the collective value created.

WOM Protocol Bounty | Step by Step

  1. Start Telegram Bounty Bot
  2. Follow Wom Protocol on Twitter
  3. Join Wom Protocol Global Telegram groups & respective country groups
  4. Download the YEAY mobile app
  5. Submit your ERC20
  6. Done

Note :

  • Overall Prize $2920 in WOM Tokens
  • Competition ends May 17, 2022
  • WOM is already listed on Kucoin
  • Minimum Referral is 2

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