World Pay Mining Airdrop | Register and Get 100 WBP + 1000 Hash

WBP is a floating currency issued by World Pay based on blockchain technology. WBP can be used and distributed in a variety of situations, providing users with more trading rights, opening up the complete World Pay business product line, and supporting the distribution and use of various projects.

The total number of universal global W-blockchain W WBP points is limited to 1 billion. It will continue to be released, and will not be released in the future. 100 million is released annually, which is calculated based on the hash rate held by the individual.

WBP is used to pay: handling fees to buy funds, exchange fees, fund management fees, fund sales service fees, project crowdfunding fees and other costs incurred in World Pay APP, World Pay will destroy WBP fees received to ensure its appreciation ability. ! WBP supports transmission.

You can sign up for World Pay, raise World Pay, Pay World wealth management, crowdfunding and much more.

World Pay Mining Airdrop | Step by Step

  1. Register to World Pay website
    • Enter Email
    • Create Password
    • Confirm Password
    • Enter Referral Code 276314
    • Click Reg
  2. Email confirmation via spam or inbox
    • Login Worldpay Mining
    • Click / User
    • Click Email Verification Reward
      (Top right corner)
    • Complete Captha
    • Click Send Code + Enter Code
      (Code Check Spam Folder)
    • Click Sure
  3. Claim Additional Rewards
    • Go to Page / User
    • Copy UID
    • Send UID To Group @WPE_1 + @WPC_1
    • Finished


  • Tomorrow Mining Will Be Executed
  • When registering, there is a Wrong Account Notification in the format, please change to another email

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