Zcore Social Airdrop | Register and Get 650 POINTS

ZCore Social creates technology and services on the web, applications and blockchain platforms, and people can connect with others, create groups, communities and expand businesses.

The thermal items presented here use ZCore Social and the other products, features, applications, services and technologies they offer (the ZCore Social product or Products), except when expressly stated for other thermal applications (and not this).

These products are selected for each user (individual or legal entity who registers on the social network) by ZCore Social.

Zcore Social Airdrop | Step by Step

  • Airdrops: 650 POINTS
  • Referrals: 500 POINTS
  • Project: Zcore-Social
  • Review: Social Community
  • Token/Type: ERC20
  • Total/Supply: 1 M


  1. Register site to https://bit.ly/37hiapa
  2. Enter Email Address
  3. Enter Username
  4. Enter Phone Number
  5. Verify Phone Number
  6. DONE

Don’t forget to click the Wallet menu and save your PK in the trust wallet

Note: Instant Garapan immediately swaps and Wd, minimum Swap 1000 POINTS, so invite a minimum of 2 friends directly swap and withdraw, equivalent to 6k

Don’t forget to join the channel telegram For Latest Airdrops

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