Zeb Protocol Airdrop | Register and Earn 2000 ZEB (~$4)

Zeb Protocol Review

ZEB Token & USDz is an Ethereum-based and decentralized protocol that allows the creation of
from ZebApp DeFi Ecosystem. USDz – a new DeFi native asset class enabling all holders
Ethereum based digital assets to earn interest and backed by real world assets backed by
blockchain. Zeb Protocol operates in a complex yet transparent way, so that anyone can easily
understand them and verify the correctness of assets that are in progress and pledge their assets.

ZebApp DeFi The ZEB Token and USDz ecosystem assets act as a bridge between Ethereum digital assets and real-world assets while allowing holders to earn full interest on on-chain transactions. The ZebApp DeFi Ecosystem has several critical and complementary components that work together to generate revenue and provide transparent real-world support for every digital asset.

USDz consists of separate and separate ZebApp DeFi Ecosystem platform-based accounts. Dedicated USDz holders for each individual Ethereum digital asset (zDAI, USDC, zPAX etc.) which empowers consumers to stay logged in and choose the digital asset class that best suits their needs or requirements.

Zeb Protocol Airdrop | Step by Step

  1. Click the link to BOT Zeb Protocol
  2. Join Telegram Groups and Channels
  3. Follow Twitter
  4. Follow Channel Advetizer
  5. Finished


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