Zipmex Launches World’s Largest USDT Prize Pool Digital Assets Worth 1 Million USDT

The digital asset trading platform Zipmex is back with an attractive reward program for crypto asset activists. This time, Zipmex launched a campaign titled “Buy & HODL ZMT, Get a Prize Pool Worth 1 Million USDT”. This campaign is the largest USDT prize pool in the crypto asset world.

In this campaign, Zipmex distributes prizes in the form of a prize pool of 1 million USDT to users by only buying from 1 ZMT. Participants only need to register by filling out the registration form and buying ZMT on 29 May 2022 at 00.00 WIB until 30 June 2022 at 23.59 WIB.

The amount of prizes that users will receive will be calculated on a proportional basis. USDT allocation will be distributed based on a percentage of users’ total ZMT net purchases against all ZMT net purchases of all eligible users during the campaign.

Interestingly, users are also not required to lock their assets in the ZipLock feature. Instead, users can simply fill out the registration form, buy and hold (HODL) ZMT during the campaign. HODL is the act of keeping a crypto asset for a certain period, not making a sale no matter the current price.

Users don’t have to worry about not getting part of the prize pool. This is because Zipmex has set a maximum limit of 10 thousand USDT for prizes that users can get. Thus, all participating users can get USDT according to their respective purchases, no matter how small it is.

If during the campaign the user makes purchases and sales of ZMT assets. Therefore, the amount of assets that is calculated is the remaining ZMT during the campaign. ZMT purchases can be made periodically. As long as it has a multiple of one and is carried out during the campaign.

Prize distribution will be carried out 14 working days after the campaign ends. Zipmex reserves the right to refuse distribution of prizes to users who violate the rules under Indonesian Government regulations. Zipmex also reserves the right to suspend user accounts suspected of illegal activity or money laundering in accordance with Indonesian Government regulations.

In addition to providing a USDT prize program, Zipmex also provides a bonus in the form of interest on assets of up to 14 percent pa through the ZipUp and ZipLock features. USDT is one of the assets that earns interest through the ZipUp feature.

Users who are ZipStarter and ZipMember will earn interest on USDT of 8.5 percent. Meanwhile, users who are at the ZipCrew level will earn interest on USDT of 10.5 percent.

ZipStarter is a user who has 1-99 ZMT in the ZipLock feature. ZipMembers are users who have 100-19999 ZMT in the ZipLock feature. While ZipCrew is a user who has a minimum of 20 thousand ZMT in his ZipLock feature.

Zipmex is always innovating to provide the best service and experience for all users. Especially for its native token, ZMT. One of ZMT’s use cases is to provide space for users to participate in Z-Launchpool, get allocated new tokens to be registered on Zipmex, and gain access to ZIPs World.

Zips World is a platform that maximizes access to digital finance. This feature gives Zipmex users the opportunity to earn a variety of exclusive rewards, from specially curated unique products and experiences to collectibles that can be tokenized and converted into NFT.

“We are evolving to provide the best buying and selling experience for our investors. Zipmex wants everyone to participate in this campaign. Through this campaign, we would like to appreciate the endless trust and support of all investors on the Zipmex platform,” said Dr. Akalarp Yimwilai, Chief Executive Officer and Co-Founder of Zipmex.

Zipmex’s innovations don’t stop there. Some time ago, Zipmex also just added two crypto assets to its platform, namely COMP and SAND, to be precise on May 31, 2022. COMP is a native ERC-20 token issued by the Compound network.

Compound is a decentralized blockchain-based protocol that allows you to borrow and lend crypto assets without a third party. Meanwhile, SAND is a token used in the Sandbox ecosystem to create digital assets in the form of Non-Fungible Tokens (NFT), upload them to the marketplace, and build interactive experiences like in the Sandbox Game Maker game.

Zipmex chose these two tokens because they saw very high user interest in the Mini Z-Launch Campaign held in Thailand. The decision to list SAND also makes Zipmex the first digital asset trading platform in Thailand to offer the token in its service.

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