Zoom users can now Integrate Cryptocurrency Transactions

More and more focus is shifting to apps capable of dealing with the coronavirus crisis. A new app brings cryptocurrency rewards to Zoom users, which is a rather interesting event.

Zoom has become a very popular video conferencing solution during the coronavirus crisis.

Cryptocurrency and Zoom Together

Although it also received some backlash, many people still use it today.

Integrating this particular solution into one’s daily life introduces several interesting options.

Through the new app, users can now start earning cryptocurrency by using Zoom.

More specifically, the SmartSessions payment wall gives service providers the option to easily integrate crypto payments.

Teachers, entrepreneurs and others can easily take advantage of this new option to move forward.

Interestingly enough, this app also allows users to buy cryptocurrencies directly with a credit card.

All of these functions can bring great exposure to cryptocurrencies and blockchain projects.

However, it’s not something built into Zoom, so it remains to be seen how successful it will be.

Unless the user sets up the Zoom conversation through this app, no cryptocurrency will be mentioned.

Another interesting development that doesn’t necessarily have a big impact.

If it works, it’s something Zoom’s developers will be able to integrate with over time.

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