Media Agency for Affiliated News Channels

We make it extremely easy to reach some of the biggest media outlets. Your news will be syndicated across 400+ news media domains and 100+ websites for maximum exposure.


Send Your News To The World is a small team of online marketing professionals, media writers, and bloggers based in Australia, USA & Malaysia. We have the capability to push your newsworthy content to over 2000 news sites across the world. Our services are trusted by hundreds of businesses across the APAC region.


Industry Specific Press Release

Publicity and Recognition in Minutes

Imagine what a single story on a high profile news site could do for you: that could mean millions of new eyes on your brand within days. All for sending one press release! We will distribute your press release or editorial articles to the largest network of top journalists and sites. We know exactly how to reach those big names and how to help you turn your brand into a massive success story.